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Name:Tarrie Torres
Birthdate:Aug 27
The Changeling

Changelings are Faerie souls which hide from the disbelief of the modern World of Darkness by wrapping themselves in mortal flesh. Hidden behind this mortal Seeming, the changeling is better able to withstand the effects of Banality. Even so, modern changelings are ever in danger of forgetting their true selves in the face of humanity's collective disbelief in all things magical. Some say changelings are the personification of Man's dream-archetypes made flesh, others believe them to be descended from creatures far older and stranger than mere mortals. Whatever their origins, modern changelings are creatures of passion and whimsy. They are more concerned with art and beauty, passion and adventure than the responsibilities of modern life. Even the stodgiest changeling is often viewed as eccentric, if not outright insane. They draw power from creativite energy and open-eyed wonder.

The Pooka

"You can always trust a Pooka... but no one in their right mind would ever believe one."

In Irish mythology, a pooka is a mischief-making, shape-shifting fae. Traditionally, they go around at night causing all sorts of harm; destroying farms, setting free livestock, curdling milk. However in the modern pooka, this would be seen as their efforts to keep mankind's destruction of nature in check. Organized religion changed the image of the Pooka from mischievious animal spirits and benevolent nature gods to monsters of the forest and demons out to corrupt children.

They can shift between human and animal form, the 'mortal seeming' and the 'animal mien'. Unfortunately for Tarrie most of what she gets up to in her animal mien escapes her mortal memory. They cannot change in front of others.

Pookas lie. A lot. The purpose of this is to make the listener have to decide for themselves what is true and what isn't. To really listen to what is being said. Lies include exaggeration, downplaying, talking too fast or slow, unclear gestures or a change of subject. Answers are vague, flattery, gossip or another question. Speaking in strange or made up dialects, throwing in seemingly nonsensical words is all par of the course. In Tarrie's case never expect a straight answer or one that makes sense directly. But if the situation really calls for it, the Pooka are capable of telling a true story. Although that doesn't mean they enjoy or it will offer any answers or explanations.

They play pranks. They're good listeners. They are capable of great empathy. They have a calming effect on animals and children. Prefer the wide-eyed wonder of children to doubting, questioning adults. They can talk to the animals. Are pack animals themselves. And like animals, have certain urges, from sexual to scratching to snuggling and nuzzling.

The Seelie Code

The Seelie have a reputation as the guardians of fae traditions. They are the peacekeepers, protectors of the weak, and the ideals of chivalry. Most seelie seek the reunion between the mortal world and the dreaming, and would like to be back to the time before the realms became divided.

* Death before dishonor: honor is the most important virtue, the source of all glory.
* Love Conquers All: love lies at the heart of the dreaming. True love transcends all and epitomizes what it means to be Seelie.
* Beauty is life: beauty is a timeless, objective quality that, while it cannot be defined, is always recognized for itself.
* Never forget a debt: one gift deserves another. The recipient of a gift is obliged to return the favor.

The Fox-Girl

Mortal Seeming: 5'1". Slight. Brown haired, green eyed. Usually wearing a bright, rather insane grin. Full of energy. Ridiculously curious. Friendly. Perhaps overly so. Talkative. Very. Excitable. Loves animals and nature. A trickster but good natured. Affectionate. Naive. A deep sadness that she cannot explain; the pooka connection to nature and the pain from the wanton destruction of the earth and its creatures. Loyal and quite sensitive. Likes to gamble, when the odds are in her favour. And with dice and a deck of cards that bend to her will, they usually are.

Fae Mien: Fox's tail and ears. Yes, you did read that correctly. Her eyes grow more amber in colour.

Animal Mien: Fox. Plain and simple.

The fae mien and the mortal seeming are always in effect; it's a matter of perception, not switching between the two. Mortals see the seeming. Changeling, some supernaturals and the enchanted see the fae mien.

In her normal, every day life Tarrie has three older sisters, Erin, Willow and Winter and a Miniature Schnauzer named Bat.

Even more info about the wonderful world of the Pooka can be found at their Wiki.

Huh? That's Changeling?

Tarrie is a hybrid of myth, Changeling: The Dreaming and my own imagination. Meaning elements of each will be incorporated and yeah, liberties are being taken but if you think I'm getting into a great big long list of stats that will make little sense, you're nuts. It's complicated and I am fairly simple. Some things may be manipulated, let's leave it there. It's all in the name of fun. Lots of links to some really great info about the world of Changeling can be found in the journal. C:TD and mythology are going to be a loose canon for her. You're also nuts if you think this is real or making any money off of this.
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